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Kharto - How to play ?

About the Game

  • Number of players : 2
  • Duration : 10-20 minutes


Kharto is inspired by Quarto, a board game for two players invented by a Swiss mathematician Blaise Müller edited in 1991 by Gigamic.

The game is played on a 4×4 board with 16 unique pieces. Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player must then place on the board. A player wins by placing a piece on the board which forms a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of four pieces, all of which have a common attribute (all small, all circular, etc.).


  • A 4×4 board
  • 16 different pieces with 4 different attributes

Game Play

  • The first player chooses a piece from the 16 available pieces, and gives it to his opponent.
  • The latter places the chosen piece on the board, then chooses a piece from the 15 remaining pieces.
  • On his turn, the first player places the second player's piece on the board, and starts the round again.

End of the game

  • The first player to line up 4 pieces which share the same attribute win.
  • When all the pieces have been place, and there's no winner, it's a tie.

Pieces Attributes

Each piece own 4 attributes:
  • Color (Light or Dark)
  • Shape (Round or Square)
  • Size (Big or Small)
  • Content (Solid or Hollow)
Examples :

Dark - Square - Big - Solid

Light - Square - Big - Hollow

Light - Round - Small - Hollow

In Game Elements

  1. Available pieces that can still be played.
  2. 4×4 Board containing all placed pieces.
  3. Chosen piece, to be placed on the board.
  4. Turn Indicator
  5. What you have to do..
  6. Audio / Display parameters.


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